A low-carb diet to treat diabetes


American doctor Ted Naiman, who graduated from the Loma Linda School of Medicine, has worked for more than 20 years and has seen 100,000 patients.

For more than 20 years in his medical career, he often felt very frustrated. He treated it strictly in accordance with medical guidelines, but he found that the patient’s condition was getting worse.

Suddenly one day, a special patient came. He became a lot thinner, blood sugar, blood pressure were down, and his mental state was much better.

After he understood his method, he felt incredible. Later, after in-depth research, he finally found a way to treat diabetes and various metabolic diseases.

Today, let me tell you a story about this legendary medical story.

Vegetarian makes his body worse and worse

He used to be a full-fledged vegetarian. His medical school was an Adventist university. He lived in a family that mainly eats vegetarian food. The school taught a vegetarian diet.

What he eats is also the principle of vegetarianism. It is almost perfect like a textbook. It has a low-fat diet, low cholesterol, low animal fat , whole wheat, vegetables and fruits .

However, this way of eating did not bring him health. He said, I looked awful, and it felt terrible . I was very unhealthy.

He felt awful. “I looked like shit and I felt like shit and my health absolutely sucked.” (rude, true expression)

His eczema is particularly serious, he said, this is the most serious eczema I have ever seen, cracking, bleeding.

He also has very serious obsessive-compulsive disorder, often forgetting to turn off the lights, and so on.

In fact, not only his own body is getting worse.

The patient’s condition is getting worse

This incident really made it very frustrating. He found that his patients did not improve except his own. Their blood pressure, blood sugar was getting higher and higher, and they were getting fatter.

His patients worked very hard, exercised every day, and they were very “healthy”, but they were always tortured by the disease.

In school, most of the chronic diseases taught in textbooks are inherited, and diet can only improve and not change too much.

According to medical guidelines, he recommends that people with diabetes inject insulin, lower blood sugar , patients become more and more fat, getting worse, slowly, some patients are blind, and finally amputated .

We would pump them full of insulin; they would gain and gain weight; get worse and worse, and I would watch as these people would go blind, go on dialysis, and we literally would cut off their limbs

He said, we will tell them that this disease is not cured, this is not our fault, mainly because their genes are problematic, they carry unhealthy genes.

“We told ourselves it wasn’t our fault as doctors that they weren’t getting better — it was their inherited bad genes. We never talked about diet at all.”

He always thought that this was all right. They were really bad luck and might have to deal with these diseases for a lifetime.

A patient has changed his destiny

It took a long time to get medical care. Suddenly, one day, a special patient came.

He hasn’t been here for a while, and this time he has changed a lot, he lost a lot (30 pounds), his blood sugar is very stable , and his mental state is particularly good.

Even he is very envious and feels incredible. He can’t help but ask the patient what you did, why is the effect so good?

The patient gave him a book, Dr. Atkins ‘s book, and he said, I reduced the intake of carbohydrates (rice noodles) and my blood sugar quickly dropped. For the first time, he learned that it is as simple as lowering blood sugar, as long as you eat less carbohydrates (rice noodles).

Since then, he has been able to do a lot of research, he found that many chronic diseases are caused by carbohydrates.

Eat refined carbon water, soaring blood sugar, soaring insulin, body to store fat, when you eat carbon water and fat at the same time, it is easy to become fat, body fat soared.

As long as your body has been in this vicious circle, over time, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, and so on.

Have seen 100,000 patients and come up with a way to treat diabetes_Tencent video

(Introduction to Ted Naiman’s video)

After realizing his problems, Dr. Ted Naiman began to change his diet and did a lot of strength training . Now he has changed from a sick doctor to a muscular man.

A low-carb diet makes it healthier because of his fitness relationship, he will consume more protein, and he also supports protein slightly higher.

(Doctor Ted Naiman before and after low carbon)

Now, he is a well-known low-carbon doctor in the United States who uses a low-carb diet to reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, and treat heart disease.

The key thin dragon said

In fact, there are many doctor stories like the United States. They used to be lonely and dedicated to giving patients low-carb diet advice. Now, they are no longer alone.

In Europe, there are many such doctors in the United States. We have introduced a lot to them before, the famous doctor Sara, Dr. Tim in South Africa, Dr. Eric Thorn, Dr. Bret.

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In China, I know that some doctors are doing it, but they dare not stand up publicly. I believe that one day, some doctors will stand up and endorse the low-carbon diet.

If you are a doctor, or if you know that you are willing to stand up as a doctor, you can contact me and I hope more Chinese will benefit.

Finally, the warm reminder, diabetics who are playing insulin, practice a low-carb diet, must pay attention to the reduction, to be familiar with their blood sugar levels, to avoid hypoglycemia


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