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“Avenger League 4” latest 30 seconds notice analysis, dry goods full of eggs

Although only a short 30 seconds, it is a new lens and picture, each frame is full of suspense and temptation, leading to the endless conjecture of Da Cong.

 It is said that the duration of “Reunification 4” has been completed, exactly 3 hours.

Known as the US Spring Festival Evening Super Bowl midfield show, there are several sets of trailers for the most anticipated film and television works in 2019, including the Avengers 4, although only a short 30 seconds, they are all new lenses and pictures. Every frame is full of suspense and temptation, which leads to the endless conjecture of Da Cong.

It is said that the duration of “Reunification 4” has been completed, just 3 hours, and it has become the longest period of Marvel’s film and television works.

 However, I don’t know if the length of the cinema can be used for 3 hours. At present, Marvel has not given the duration of the official video theater. I hope that I don’t cut too much. I hope that the theater can be in a three-hour version.

Former producer Kevin Feiji pointed out that the trailers released by “Reunion 4” have only been 15-20 minutes in front of the film. So, predict the analysis and don’t use too much force. It doesn’t make sense to burn too many brain cells. It’s good to be happy.

Judging from the narrative mode of a work, the first 15-20 minutes is to explain the background of the story, which is the so-called opening, paving, pushing, arguing, and even the motivational event of entering the second act.

Therefore, the two trailers of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation 4, we can probably know at the moment, after the tyrants, after about 6 months or more, some people even analyzed it after 3 years. The remaining superheroes on the planet regrouped, regained their confidence, and prepared for the final final battle.

At the beginning of the 30-second preview, several first-half shots were flashed. These images were from the previous works of Marvel. The superheroes that appeared were almost all of them in the “Re-Link 3”. The play will evaporate.

These superheroes are the Hornets, Nick Captain, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Galaxy Guard’s Stars, Carrera, Groot, Drax, Black Panther, Winter Warrior, Phantom .

The pictures of these superheroes are all colored, leaving only red, so many people guess, what the hell is this, and even some netizens said that this pays tribute to the red girl in the “Schindler List”. . . The interpretation is really transparent.

Da Cong guessed nothing else, because these heroes are the logo of the 10th anniversary of Marvel. The 10 of the logo is red, so it is just for the color.

And these superheroes at the very beginning of 30 seconds, no Rocky and Heimdal, does this mean that Rocky is true. Death. And other disappearing superheroes may appear in another world and eventually return.

The next picture is the foggy scene of New York, around the Statue of Liberty, docked with untimely boats, and the ship has been abandoned for a long time, dilapidated.

The flowering stadium is also the same. The ruts that are parked outside the field are twisted, and so many cars are parked around. This means that when the tyrants hit the finger, the stadium may be playing a game, and after disappearing half of the people, it caused panic.

Next, in a military unit similar to the US government, a pitiful meeting was held. Combined with the close-up of the captain of the United States, the captain of the United States should be in this meeting, and from his expression, it seems a bit disdainful and unhappy, is it a conversation? The content is to the US captain and Iron Man to release the former.

Of course, some people have analyzed that this is a psychological treatment center. A circle of people surrounds each other and tells each other the disappearance of their loved ones, and the poster in the picture reads: Where should we go when they leave?

But I prefer to believe that this is a military planning meeting.

The narration is that the captain of the United States said: Some people have succumbed to reality, but we will not.

It can also be felt from the narration. They should be organizing a conference against the tyranny and saving the disappearance of the other half.

The next picture is that Iron Man and Nebula are doing welders, and Iron Man is welding something. This action seems to pay tribute to Iron Man 1 in the scene of Iron Man in the cave.

The nebula is welding its own arms. This series of actions is more like a nebula dismantling parts of its own arm and doing secondary processing for Iron Man.

In The Avengers 3, the nebula once said to the tyrant, why didn’t you kill me directly, and the tyrant said that it was a waste of parts. It seems that the parts of the nebula have become an important weight to save her and Iron Man.

I don’t know if this move happened before or after the first notice of Iron Man’s rescue, but I would rather believe that Iron Man found the way back to Earth after Iron Man’s rescue, that is, using the parts of the Nebula arm to assemble In his steel suit, or on a spaceship.

Then at the headquarters of the Earth’s complex, the captain of the United States came out and faced the sky, who seemed to be greeted. If you didn’t guess wrong, this could be a smoke bomb, because in the original “Re-Link 3” trailer, Dr.

 Bangna, who was on the top of the building, looked up and saw who he was welcoming. The result was that the film did not have this picture.

However, it is still necessary to be obscenity. The one they are greeted may be Iron Man, or may be a small pepper, or a captain of surprise, or even a villain or a new character.

In the Marvel April suit, there is a book “Avenger: The Legend of Aggregator”, which contains the Black Knight, so maybe in the “Reunion 4”, the Black Knight or a brand new Marvel role will be in the film. Appeared in.

After the picture, the Galaxy Guard’s raccoon opened the door, followed by the sea and a cage. This picture can only be guessed by all. With the back of Raytheon holding a battle axe, walking in a tunnel, outside the tunnel is the mountain and the sea. I guess the raccoon and Raytheon went to Norway.

Because in “Raytheon 3”, Odin died in Norway, Odin knows the prophecies of the gods at dusk, so going to Norway to wait for the right time should be predicted. Norway is also the origin of Norse mythology.

And in “Reunion 3”, the raccoon and Raytheon are a group of actions together, so they should go to Norway in a team, which should be more in line with the guessing logic. As for why they are going to Norway, the spaceship of the Asgard, the Valkyrie, will land in Norway and meet with Raytheon, or Raytheon will discover some prophecies in mythology and go to Norway to find the answer.

The next picture is that the black widow is practicing shooting with the scorpion. According to the length of the hair, when the black widow and the US team come out from the reconnection base, the hair obviously becomes longer, which means that the time span seems to be quite long, or there is one The explanation for the more brain holes is that they are not in the same time and space.

The next picture is the ant man and the war machine, with a helmet and ready to go. If only the first 15 minutes of the film are revealed according to the trailer, it means that the ant is at the beginning and has already merged with the big army. Then in the “Ant Man 2”, the ant is trapped in the quantum space and can quickly escape.

Of course, this does not rule out a bunch of users who control the details. The analysis of the surveillance video by the ant was said that the ant returned to 1983 because the upper left corner of the surveillance video showed 1983, and at the end of Iron Man 3. Iron Man and Dr. Benner chatted and talked about their initial trauma in 1983.

I don’t know if there are two 1983, is there a necessary connection? If there is, then I can only say that you are a cow.

The next picture is the eagle eye, the background is the ruins, the face of the eagle eye is illuminated by a blush. It is said that the eagle eye will perform a secret mission. This mission is very important. From this picture, the eagle eye seems to be carrying out this arduous task. task. And this red color echoes the red color of the hero who disappeared at the beginning of the trailer.

Is it… Is the eagle eye entering the world of the disappearing hero? ! It is worth noting that the realistic gem in infinite gemstones is red. That is to say, those who disappear in half are likely to be trapped in realistic gemstones to form a parallel world.

The next picture is the hand of the US team, and the shield is re-applied. This shield may be the previous one, or it may be completely new. But from the leather strapping, I prefer the original shield to return.

There is even a possibility that the US team has returned to the past, re-wearing the most primitive suits and saving the world in the past.

In the last picture, a line of superheroes walked out of the complex base in the sunrise. They were the US team, Raytheon, the black widow, the raccoon, the ant, the war machine, and the last one should be the eagle eye.

Interestingly, the first notice, the same scene, has an empty mirror. From the height of the sunrise, the sun of the empty mirror is higher than that of someone, indicating that the material was taken two, one is a superhero. Passed by, an empty mirror without a superhero.

Well, in accordance with the experience of the “Fulian 3” trailer, the trailer of “Fulian 3” at the time, the final picture is that the US team led a group of people to rush the duck, this picture is not in the film, so a line of superheroes facing the sun Out of the complex base, 80% will not be in the film.

Moreover, it is worth noting that between the ant man and the war machine, it seems that there is a person’s position. Is it to prevent spoilers and give one of the superheroes P?

So who is the P super hero? Small pepper? Valkyrie? Or is it a surprise captain? However, according to the surprise captain is the hope of the whole village, the order of the appearance should not be so backward, Iron Man is even less likely, because Xiao Nini has always been C-debut.

Ok, I’m finished, I’m finished, and I’ve forgotten it. Anyway, Bacheng won’t guess. There are still about 2 months, “Fulian 4” will meet with the audience, it is estimated that there will be a version of the final notice in the middle, when Da Cong will analyze it for everyone


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