Avengers The End game


this movie was a action avengers the endgame was noticed something peculiar in the super bowl trailer for avengers a noticeable by absence . they are two trailer of the avengers the endgame assembled withe an oddly asymmetrical gap in this line .

the marvel studios has been digital editing to the shots in there it was a nice trial made Avengers and in this marketing material for this movie in infinity war but several infinity gems were editing out of Thanos gauntlet so as not to reveal that he had acquired more than two at the particular pion of that movie and after.

and so if you seen an oddly asymmetrical gap in an avengers trailer if you might by noticed somthing signification and it happened twice in the latest spot gor avengers the endgame released during 2019 bowl are april .

the first there is shot of black widow ,captain america ,bruce banner and war machine walking across what might be a city field in new york city home of the mets. there’s an awfully big space between bruce and rhodey.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers – Official Trailer Avengers: Endgame screen grab Credit: Marvel Studios

if agiain when the avengers are striding across the hangers at
at headquarters, there’s another sizable gap between War Machine and the Avenger in front of him (could be Bruce Banner or and unmasked Ant-Man, it’s hard to tell).

If the Endgame spot falls in line with Marvel tradition and there is someone missing from these shots, who could it be? Well, fasten your tinfoil hats.
From Avengers: Infinity Warwe have some idea of which characters are left alive. Some of them, like Rocket Raccoon and Thor, are alive and confirmed to be on Earth and in contact with the Avengers, so it wouldn’t be a spoiler to leave them in the shot. Hawkeye, Okoye, and M’Baku are all confirmed to be alive as well — and the status of Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, and Wong are unknown — but the presence of any of those characters in New York would be unexpected, so it’s possible they were edited out.

And Iron Man and Nebula are both alive, but stuck in space, as we’re reminded by the short trailer. If they appeared in the shot, it would definitely be a spoiler.

But there are two other big possibilities: Shuri and Captain Marvel. and was ant man who turned out to alive afther all as
arguably the smartest person currently on Earth and the de facto heir to the Wakandan throne (and to the role and costume of the Black Panther), it would make sense for Shuri to hide out until a plan surfaced. Given the fan interest in the character, it could be that Marvel wants to preserve the mystery.

But it’s Carol Danvers — aka Captain Marvel — who holds a whole collection of Spoiler Reveals. Having her show up in an Avengers: Endgame trailer at this point would give our first hint at her place in the plot of Endgame, and be the first shot of her alongside any modern Avengers characters. It might even reveal her Endgame costume, which could be considered a spoiler for her own movie!

These are all moments Marvel filmmakers would probably be very interested in saving for when the film actually hits theaters, or at least until after Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8. We can’t know for certain that a character was edited out of these two clips from the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer — but there are a lot of reasons why Marvel would want to edit a character out.


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