Do you know that President Trump has played 43 movies?

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

On November 8th (Beijing time), the US election held a final vote. As a result, everyone knows that the new US president has already been produced.

 Trump pressed Hillary with 276:218 votes to become new. The president of the United States.

The battle for the two people’s elections is very intense. The two men had three debates on September 26, October 10, and October 19, and they revealed each other’s skins on the surface of Trump and Hillary. The choices made by the American people about the presidential candidates that neither of them likes are really helpless.

In response to this election result, “Captain America” ​​Chris Evans released Twitter: “For the United States, this is a very awkward night. We let hate instigators lead the country and let a bully to plan for the future. I have been shocked.”

Trump, the full name of Donald Trump, is the king of the famous real estate in the United States, and has three children and five children.

 Trump likes to take photos with beauty contests such as Miss Universe. During his debate, he was once exposed to insulting women and trying to kiss married women. His image in front of the American people is very bad.

The most interesting point is that Trump has appeared in many movies and TV series before the election of the US president, up to 43. In “The Little Devil 2: Lost in New York”, he has a guest role for a 5-second, a special passer-

In addition to this, there is also “Supermodel” –

Personal lover” –

Sex and the City ——


Check your cousin ——

There are also many film and television dramas such as “Partners”, “People in Politics”, etc. The most recent guest appearance was in “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” in 2009.

In addition, variety shows are also indispensable for President Trump. “Fei Huang Teng Da” (post-British pirated “Apprentice”) is produced by Trump.

 Thanks to Trump’s deep participation, the program of poisoning has made this program broadcast for more than 10 consecutive seasons.

On the other hand, Hillary suffered from health problems during the campaign. Hillary Clinton, wife of former US President Bill Clinton, former US Secretary of State. In this year’s September 11th mourning event, Hillary suddenly fainted and was taken away by the staff. Later, some conspiracy conspiracy theories began to appear in the media.

Later, she was deeply immersed in the mail door and was exposed to the use of a private e-mail during her time as Secretary of State, instead of an official e-mail to communicate with others, suspected of violating the US Federal Archives Act. The scandal was once again ridden.

Many people joked that this is a “slapstick.” The official British drama “Black Mirror” officially posted a message: “This is not a TV series. This is not a marketing tool. This is a reality.”

Netizen joking Jolin Tsai is a prophet

Politics has always been a mystery, and American politics is even more imitating. Whether it is history or now, whether it is the president or the members of parliament, they dominate the fate of the entire country. And these real pieces appear in the movie.

Presidential murder

The film “Presidential Killing” is a political film directed by George Clooney, adapted from the Broadway stage play “Flags North Station”. The film focuses on the US election. George Clooney plays the role of Democratic politician, a very favorable presidential candidate, and Ryan Gosling plays a media spokesperson on the George Clooney team. . At this time, George Clooney’s opponent wanted to dig Horn Ryan Gosling. Gosling also sparked a newcomer with his opponent team.

The film tells the story of one of the presidential candidates on the presidential election. We have seen many of these types of film and television dramas.

 We all know that behind the two increasingly anxious candidates, there is a team to manage and make suggestions. This film is relatively mild compared to the struggle in “House of Cards.” But it still reflects some problems in the US election.

Rule change

The film “Change of Rules” was adapted from the novel of the same name, but the age involved is even closer. In the 2008 US presidential election, there was a fierce competition in the election between Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The 44th president of the United States competes mainly between Obama and McCain, and Julian Moore’s Sarah Palin is the female vice presidential candidate chosen by McCain.

As a TV movie, the film is also involved in the election campaign, and the director’s predecessor “The Ballot Storm” also involves the US general election, focusing on the 2000 general election. It can be said that the director is too familiar with the US general election, and has taken many such subjects, and reproduces that year is also a good show.

Assassination of Kennedy

There are many unsolved cases in the history of American politics, and Kennedy’s murder is one of them. US President Kennedy was stabbed to death on November 22, 1963, and he was in office for only 2 years and 10 months. The 1991 film revived this history and examined whether it was a terrible conspiracy behind this history.

In the film, Gary Harvey Oswald, starring Gary Oldman, was judged to be the murderer. Three years later, the prosecutor starred in Kevin Costner discovered the clues that the investigation team was neglected.

 From his point of view, he found that Kennedy was killed. It was a shock from the high-level people of the US government. Big conspiracy. Of course, we can’t really determine the story behind this history, but the process of pursuing the truth is worth remembering.

the first lady

The history of the big case was taken into a number of is expected, this year’s “First Lady” focused on Kennedy was stabbed. However, the film’s starting point is different from the films such as “Assassination of Kennedy”, which starts from the actions of Mrs. Kennedy in the first four days of Kennedy’s assassination and tells everything that Mrs. Kennedy did after receiving the death.

We all know that the President’s wife plays a certain role more or less. And Mrs. Kennedy, played by Natalie Portman, dignifiedly demonstrated the behavior of Mrs. Kennedy after Kennedy was assassinated.

 Relatively speaking, this film more objectively expresses the problems of the first lady before and after President Kennedy’s assault, the face of journalists, the vice president’s appointment as the president of the United States, and the most fundamental identity as a mother.

Presidential team

To tell the famous American political scene in history, the “Watergate Incident” is well known. And this 1976 film is about the “Watergate Incident.”

 The film is based on the autobiography written by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. These two people used to be reporters for the Washington Post, and they stepped out of the political blackout behind the Watergate incident.

The Watergate incident involved five people at the bottom of the Nixon campaign who broke into the Democratic Party Office of the Watergate Building, installed a bug and sneaked a document and was arrested. From this perspective, the film also tears a small hole in the political circle into a big crack.

 After the “Washington Post” was seriously threatened, after the two experienced twists and turns, the conspiracy revealed that Nixon stepped down. In this film, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford play the two reporters.

Dialogue with Nixon

This film is also a true story. After five years of the “Watergate Incident”, Nixon accepted the interview with the talk show host Foster. The two sides played against each other in the preparation of the interview. Revealed and hidden, this interview gradually became a game.

During the interview, Nixon admitted: I let the United States down, and once the president eavesdropping, it means that eavesdropping is no longer illegal. In this confrontation, many of Nixon’s tenures were mentioned one by one, and the final result made this interview a very classic interview. The two of the films, Frank Langra and Mike Sin, also performed very well.


Speaking of the US president, and talking about American history, Lincoln is the one who has to say. The film directed by Steve Spielberg tells the story of the 16th President Lincoln who experienced the United States during the Civil War.

 At this time, the American civil war is nearing the end, and Lincoln must promote the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution to abolish the passage of slavery in order to ensure the smooth end of this invisible war.

The issue of race was a big problem facing the United States, and the Civil War ended in the victory of the northern city-state.

 It was only to maintain the unity of the United States, and finally evolved into a free war of liberation of slaves. Lincoln played a very important role. In this film, Lincoln is Daniel Day-Lewis, and he also won the 85th Oscar for best actor.


In addition to the black American issue, the United States did not become the 21st country for the legalization of same-sex marriage until June last year. But for the global LGBT issue, the US still has a long way to go. Biography of “Milke” Gus Van Sant, which tells the story of the gay politician Milk, one of the representatives of the twentieth century.

Miln, played by Sean Penn, turned from a photographic equipment store owner to run for the city’s ombudsman, pushing the government to improve the situation of comrades. He encouraged gays to grasp the influence of the gay community in San Francisco in the United States, support each other, and bravely come out. This film is about the failure and success of this fighter. He is largely a hope and a belief.

Fourth citizen

The Snowden “Prism Gate” event should be the most watched US political event in recent years. This 2014 documentary highly restored the beginning and end of the “Prism Gate” event, starting from the whirlpool center of the public opinion, Edward Snowden, to reveal the conspiracy behind it.

 The film’s director, Laura Petas, was also one of the central figures in the “Prism Gate” incident. Together with the Guardian reporter, she made the US National Security Agency’s surveillance scandal public.

The Prism Door event is the National Security Agency monitoring a large number of foreign politicians and ordinary citizens through the Prism Project and collecting a large amount of information in cooperation with the communications company.

The key figure of this event, Edward Snowden, was later taken. Became another film, Snowden, by Joseph in Snowden. The director is Oliver Stone, the director of Assassination of Kennedy.

It can be said that the president, from the city councillors, will inevitably affect the political arena in some aspects. The scandals in the US political arena are also exposed. Other news, there are secrets that are connected one after another.


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