All welcome . Caught hares in the slang of the welder means that he got a burn of the retina and eyes from the bright light of the welding arc .

 I mentation it’s quite unpleasant and can be quite dangerous for vision . The science is called electrophilia .

Explain in a simple way , we will not use complex and confusing medical terminology . These burns are divided into 4 degrees .

The first two are not so dangerous , and take off to cope at home .But 3 and 4 is of serious burns with the clouding of the retina , with them just need to go to the hospital , because you can lose vision .

Feel after welding, burning , foreign body sensation in the eyes , as if poured into sand – all symptoms that you caught the birds .

 If the cornea is not very muddy or not muddy , then you have a 1 or 2 degree burns . It can be managed at home .

 As the pain and discomfort can not be avoided – you have to be ready to cope with them . Usually these symptoms emerge in the evening after work .

From folk remedies the most effective are cups of chopped potatoes and tea bags ( wet ) They need to chill in water in refrigerator and apply to eyelids – the cold will help reduce inflammation and pain .

Of the medications most popular cure for burns welding eye will sulfacetamide and tetracycline . How to apply – all written in the instructions to these drugs .

 I also want to add a doctor’s advice from the comments to the article . When the electric ophthalmia is currently the best is to take a pill Ketanov, Ketorol, or.

With antibacterial purpose, it is better to use Okomistin 1-2 drops 3 times a day ( it doesn’t cause irritation as Sulfacetamide ).

With anti-inflammatory purpose Nevanac 1-2 drops 3 times a day, and every hour is instilled 1 drop of the drug Korneregel, both under the lower and upper eyelid.

This eye gel contains Dexpanthenol, which has healing and restorative properties, especially when the burn lesions. To wear sunglasses, because the first time after the burn will be severe photophobia. The pain will have first time patient, once managed to break the safety precautions.

And generally it is better to consider more seriously to protect their eyes during welding . The best recommendation , in my opinion , you guys use the mask of a chameleon . It is not so expensive to save on the eyesight . I hope the article was interesting , subscribe , all the fun is ahead.


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