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If you don’t change your diet, it’s really hard to lose weight by exercise alone.
I always recommend that you do more strength training , and do n’t recommend aerobics like running unless you like it very much.

At the same time, for sports, I feel that my mentality must be good. Don’t exercise for quick weight loss, and exercise for health.

Cultivating sports hobbies is more important than weight loss itself . Once you start enjoying exercise, you don’t need to overdraw your willpower.

Entering this state, your body will get better and better, get healthier, and naturally become thinner.

Although, I don’t recommend crazy exercise to lose weight, but today I still have to write an article telling everyone how to exercise, the most efficient?

Because everyone is very busy now, doing things is efficient, some friends want to achieve a certain goal in a short time, want to find the most efficient way to exercise.

I hope this article can give you some inspiration, not necessarily for everyone, but it is my experience.

Several basic conditions for efficient exercise
I think there are several basic conditions for a truly efficient sport:

→ Reduce willpower loss

I have been emphasizing willpower and stress , which are especially important for weight loss.

Too long exercise requires a lot of willpower. Each of us has limited willpower. Now that work and study have exhausted most of the willpower, it will be very difficult to exercise.

However, I feel that people’s willpower is the same as muscle , although limited, but can be improved through continuous exercise.

For sports, if you run out of willpower in your workout, you don’t have enough self-control to control your diet. Many people eat binge after a crazy exercise. That’s why.

Therefore, in order to lose weight the best, we must try to avoid, long-term exercise consumes too much willpower.

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→ Don’t put too much pressure on your body

Too long exercise may increase your stress hormones, the blood pressure hormone cortisol, will cause blood sugar changes, the body can not enter the fat burning state, in the case of high insulin levels, stress hormones will also stimulate appetite, further causing you to eat more .

Also, some endurance athletes may become ill after the marathon is run because the body suppresses the adaptive immune system.

(marathon sports and sprinters)
Therefore, exercise for too long will put pressure on the body and may be counterproductive.

→ Can not damage basal metabolism

Long-term exercise can consume calories, but if it is too long, it may consume muscle and reduce basal metabolism.

We look at those long-distance runners, who are almost all very lean, and they can’t move too much muscle.

Therefore, I think that for modern people, a truly efficient exercise should be like this :

1, short time, do not need too much willpower, no pressure
2, high intensity, high intensity, can be fast, effective
3, mobilize the whole body muscles, in order to really exercise to the whole body
Here are the ways I recommend the exercise:

What exercise, the best weight loss?
→ Super fat burning body HIIT movement

For example, Bobby jumps this kind of movement, which is recognized as a very good fat burning effect.

But it’s really boring to do. Not everyone likes it. If you just think about it, you can try some different tricks.

There is also a skipping rope , jump 1-2 minutes with the fastest speed, then rest for 3-4 minutes, and then continue, doing 3 groups or so, you can change another action.

Spinning bikes , you can also do HIIT, or you can go home from work to ride a bicycle, you can, ride a bike for 1-2 minutes, then rest, and feel your energy is restored, continue, all the way.

Also, sprint, sprint, weight-bearing sprint, etc. In short, you have to exhaust the whole body in a short period of time, then rest for a few minutes, and then continue.

However, these HIIT sports, there will be many people do not like, including me, although I know that it works well, but the heart is still unacceptable, sometimes feel a bit silly, if you like, adapt, I suggest you do more.

→ The most fat burning strength training

I personally prefer, deadlift, I also think this effect is the best, also known as the gold fitness action in the fitness circle.

You also exercised leg muscles, arm muscles, buttocks muscles, and back muscles.

However, I don’t particularly like the training of heavy weight. I don’t think it is particularly challenging. Because I am afraid of injury and injury, I can’t play basketball.

Therefore, if you like the challenge, you must be gradual, strength training and injury, many because the intensity is too great.

There is also a deep squat , this action is also the most I do, but compared to the deadlift, this exercise exercises less upper limbs and back muscles, mainly to exercise the leg muscles, buttocks muscles.

It is recommended to carry weight, the effect will be better, if there is no barbell, you can use dumbbells instead, the goblet is deep, the dumbbells can be lifted with both hands , and you can also exercise your arm muscles.

There are some yoga moves that can also mobilize the muscles of the whole body.

However, all of these sports require your knees, so it’s important to protect your knees. Be careful, step by step, and don’t challenge your limits from the start.

→ How long does it take to exercise and how often?

Usually 30-40 minutes, if you can, 20 minutes.

Of course, the frequency of exercise is also very important. At the beginning, strength training is recommended. High-intensity training is recommended every other day . You can do some simple exercises on the rest day, such as brisk walking, jogging and other aerobic exercises, or simply walking.

If you have the strength training foundation, you can practice and practice different parts every day.

→ Method of accelerating fat loss

If you want to quickly reduce fat, consider one week to arrange a fasting movement in the morning , by one week of rest a day to eat, or not eat , can not exercise, or doing simple exercises.

These two methods of accelerating fat loss may have some risks. For example, fasting training may have hypoglycemia problems. Choosing a fasting day may lead to binge eating the next day.

Therefore, it is recommended to try again after adapting to a low-carb diet.

→ How to maintain basal metabolism?

Many friends are afraid to eat less, and fasting will lose metabolism. In fact, there is no problem in short-term fasting. I have written articles before, and I will not be better than 2 days. Related reading → “You dare to eat fast, not afraid of muscle loss”

Keep the metabolism suggestive, increase the intensity on the training day, and eat more protein after training.

→ Rest is more important than exercise

Many people gave me feedback, how do I exercise every day, not thin, I would recommend him to rest for a while.

Yes, rest is really important, it can help you control your appetite.

Be sure to pay attention to your emotional adjustment. If you have a strong appetite and eat more after exercise, it may be because you put too much pressure on yourself. You don’t enjoy exercise and may not be good for fat loss.

→ Low carbon and exercise performance, gaining muscle effect

I have written several articles about low-carbon muscle gain in my previous article. I believe many of my friends have seen it. The public has responded to low-carbon muscle gain, and some articles recommend it.

In the early stage of low carbon, because of the switching of the energy supply mode, it may affect your strength level. However, after adaptation, it will reply and will not affect.

In fact, there are many muscle men who have ketogenic muscles in foreign countries . Traditionally, it is necessary to stimulate insulin with carbon water to gain muscle.

In fact, the ketone body is also beneficial for muscle growth, and the effect is very good, you can look at this → not eating the staple food is powerless? Shrimp and egg | Foreign fitness madman, did not even eat carbon water..

Recently, I will write an article about ketone body and muscle growth.

The key thin dragon said
Today’s article may be more suitable for those who like sports and like strength training.

I know that there are many girls who choose low-carbon because they don’t like sports, but I still advise everyone to do some exercise for health.

If you don’t like high-intensity exercise, you can walk and go outdoors to feel the nature, not to lose weight, to relax, release stress, and improve self-control.

Physical and mental health is the real health.

I have been emphasizing the importance of muscles, especially for girls and the elderly. As men age, muscle loss is rapid. If you don’t exercise anymore, there will be many side effects .

The biggest side effect is that if you don’t have muscles, you will become less and less active , because you will feel uncomfortable when you exercise.

In the long run, the body will get worse and worse, so slowly try and change, you can also find a small partner, exercise with you, and become healthier


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