I and my brother decided to run the marathon,

so we discussed whether we should go for full or half marathon my brother advised me to go far half. but I say we should go far full

because I had overconfidence that it is just a 42 kilometer we can do it

because from childhood I am in sports activity so I had confidence

but we come to one agreement why should we run and test whether we can run or not we both run for continuously for about 45 minutes or nearly fifty minutes we covered a distance 7 km, we exhausted barely we can walk,

so we applied for half marathon we had one week to prepare for half marathon

we don’t know anything how hard is it.

the first day of preparation we woke up at 4:30 am we first we drink water so we are hydrated, we decided to run from home to ground

which distance is about 7.3 km from home so we run in slow pace

when we reach the ground around 5:50 am we already exhausted

so what to do next? we sit on the bench and watching the people running, doing exercises in the ground , and we come back to our home by bus

Next day Marathon preparation

the next day we researched on google. how totake proper nutrition training plan everything we read in it minimum training plan for half marathon is four weeks

. we just started, only we a had five days to prepare what should we do? so we concentrate on slow peace work out. building milage ..

we made our own plan that first day we should cover five-kilometer continuously and daily adding two kilometers for previous day work out,

that means today we run five, tomorrow we want to run seven, adding two daily. at the end of the day, we would cover 15 kilometer

it’s our plan ….

we drink the morning before the run 250 ml cow milk and banana

the second day we covered as it in our plan seven kilometers,

but it was hard, its ok-ok.

After work out we drink beetroot juice and eat three chapatis


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