How to earn money by blogging


A blog is an online diary or online journal, where systematically added custom recordings, which serve as its main content. The composition of the records can enter blocks of text, graphics, photos or multimedia.

Usually blog posts are not particularly long, they are grouped chronologically in reverse order.

The feature of blogs is their publicity, that is, they have a certain circle of readers who can relate to the author in the debate, which have the ability to comment on posts or reference them from personal blogs. Thanks to the reviews, users can communicate in the same way as it happens in chat rooms, on forums and via e-mail.

In 1999, Pyra Labs of San Francisco launched the site used as the first service for blogging, provided on a free basis. Since then, the popularity of blogs has grown and gained a lot of popularity among people. The feature of blogs is the special structure of the records and also principles of their placement.

The owner can only be identified on the server, and that will be enough to add a new note.

The last entry is automatically placed at the top of the page. The blog is a convenient tool for a single statement about something that it became known to many.

Everyone will have the opportunity to read it when he’s comfortable, or just skip the record that he was not interested. Table of contents The purpose of the blog Personal or personal blog Professional blog Branded blog News or corporate blog Other types of blogs Simple steps to create a profitable blog Conclusion The purpose of the blog A blog is a very useful tool in the hands of the user

. Partly at him, shifted the tasks of social network, as users shape and support certain social relations.

Bloggers and those who comment on their records in such a way not just to attract attention to a brand new audience, but also provide great opportunities for the formation of a certain network of contacts, communicate with persons, causing them concern. In the web you can easily find a reader or friend.

The blog is a tool through which you can tell about yourself, spread your own thoughts, ideas and creations.

To a certain extent blogs serve as a reflection of the personality of the author. Often users read blogs, and comment on posted entries as entertainment.

The leisure time blog is used as the bulk of source of useful information, read it for fun.

If someone does not have enough free time to socialize in the traditional sense, the communication in blogs is becoming in a sense an alternative, as it allows you to converse when each of the users convenient. Users blog the same way as people make entries in a personal diary, where after a certain time, you can read the notes, allowing you to analyze your thinking and make a decision.

In addition, the blogger will be able to recall details of some event that happened in his life.

Presentation of ideas in written form allows to analyze situations more effectively, bringing their own thoughts in some order. Blog entries allow the user to create in your image, which he later supports. Uses blogs as a tool in psychotherapy, when a person shares certain problems, while other users give him advice or support. You can now consider different types of blogs.

Personal or personal blog Typically, these blogs are created on the “fun.” So initially they are not created for earning money. Bloggers start your own online diary, sharing his thoughts and ideas, gradually forming near their audience. Blog posts can have different content, how people going down… before he chose the item of clothing.

Such blogs are very popular. People love to watch and follow what new things are happening in the lives of others.

Just look at the number of followers for popular people. Professional blog The person creates a blog in the topic, which is very well versed.

For example, yoga. That is, in his case, he is a professional. Of course, other users can learn a lot from him, so it makes its a very useful blog entry. The audience of such blogs is usually very large, since the number of persons who are interested in write the author, is quite broad.

They were acquainted with its notes, discuss problems, write comments. The income from this blog author will not get right immediately, but after a certain time when it becomes more popular, it will bring some profit to the owner. And it will be quite noticeable.

A blogger can earn money through advertising, selling their own training courses or to earn income from affiliate programs. In fact, there are over 30 different ways to make money with a blog. Initially, the author provides its users with the opportunity to obtain useful information, and then turns the blog into a tool of earnings.

Quite common cases where the blog becomes the main source of income. In Western countries these bloggers very much, now and in the former Soviet Union their number is increasing.

Branded blog Usually this type of blogs used for promotion of the company brand or a specific person. At the moment this type of blogs has been used by many increasingly in the work. Usually these persons have a website which has become a source of profit. A blog used as attract a new audience by writing interesting personal stories.

The content that is posted on the website differs from the one in the blog. This is due to the fact that the site was originally promoted by means of SEO optimization. The blog entry does not require it, but it’s still better to consider this factor when writing an article or notes.

On the website usually, information of a technical nature.For example, the description of goods or services, contacts, etc. A blog will be explained in more informal approach, in particular, the author can tell what challenges he faces in the process, as it solves problems and so on. The blog is the author’s vision.

The author shares his experience and expertise, attracting the attention of like-minded people. For example, You are into Internet marketing and You already know how to earn money through the Internet. Sharing useful information, people will gradually come to know and trust You. Someone even wants to buy You a training course or advice.

A brand blog can be used as your primary website. It will be used for promoting their own name. For example, if this blog is the designer, he will be posting interesting articles that will be advertising his abilities to potential customers.

Around these blogs always gonna be an audience with relevant interests, which may meet future customers. But if someone wants to order a beautiful and quality design, he will know to whom you should contact. News or corporate blog Traditionally, the creation and maintenance of blogs is engaged in from a group of authors. Select the main themes of the blog, and then it is placed in several entries dedicated to it.

The responsibility for the popularity of the blog are the authors themselves, as their skill and style of presenting information are the main factors concerned in the formation of the user audience. Gradually around the news blog will form a group of interested users, due to which the readership will grow exponentially. In blogs of this type have great potential for earnings.

This is done gradually. The first is its promotion through search engine optimization. Then comes the search advertisers in this niche and the blogs get a steady income.

Earnings on direct will depend on the niche of the blog and number of visitors on it. Other types of blogs Beginners who decided to create a blog, often make the same mistake. They begin to blog on free platforms. Remember! These blogs will not belong to You and You will have full control over it. You will not be able to earn a lot. You will not be able to find advertisers and sell them advertising. The services that provide the ability to create blogs free of charge, yourself will earn You. They will advertise and the money will get them.

Having your hosting and domain, You will have full control over everything. Simple steps to create a profitable blog Despite the variety of blogs that exist and can be used by authors, though the main purpose of any of them is making a profit.

Therefore, there is a certain algorithm of actions if you create your own blog for profit. Traffic (visitors) on the blog will depend on how the author is able to reveal the theme to the maximum.

In order to promote your blog you need to start to learn the basics of search engine optimization. You need to understand how search engines evaluate content quality and the blog in General. Each article should be written for a specific people’s requests. For this we need to establish the semantic core of the resource (keywords).

You can do this yourself, take advantage of the specialized programs and services, or to resort to paid services of freelancers. As a major percentage of the cores should be taken low competitive custom key queries from search statistics popular services.

The selection is based on accurate information about the frequency and quality of keywords. It is important to consider the seasonality of searches and competition in the search engine results.

For filling use blog content of high quality, consisting of SEO-optimized articles, written by selected queries. You need to write interesting, try to develop a theme, you can hire a copywriterif in your ability the author of the blog has doubts.

The semantic core is subject to updating and addition of new key requests about once in 6 months, to broaden the scope of the blog. This is true in the case when the traffic is growing steadily, and the theme is really popular. It is important to take into account a set of factors, in particular:

To produce updates of WordPress regularly; The blog should have a unique, responsive and SEO optimized template. Layout of the template needs to be lightweight due to the minimal use of plugins to make the page loading fast enough. Best plugins for WordPress This is a brief description of the initial steps to gradually begin to from your blog some income.

At the initial stage will require some monetary investment which goes to pay for hosting and domain, and investing their free time that are required by default

. Conclusion The process will start slowly, first profit will amount to a few dollars per month, but with enough patience and desire to evolve gradually, you can count on a steady income. Instantly start earning on the blog large amounts of money don’t get none, and it should be ready.

When the proper level of motivation and clear goal setting to reach success, otherwise you will have a blog that could be interesting, but you will throw it. If you really value your time, it’s worth thinking about before creating a blog for profit. You can start with just analogue personal diary.


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