Russian biathletes choose the IBU Cup for the sake of money

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The IBU Cup for the sake of money

Russian biathletes, competing in the second most important world biathlon tournament, do not rush to the World Cup, including because of money. Bonuses for success in the IBU Cup exceed the payments received by elite athletes.

Thus, the leading Russian woman in the IBU Cup standings, Viktoria Slivko, who had never been called up to the banner of the main team this season, has earned € 18,700 in bonuses in 13 races. This is more than the “dripping” of the best of the Russians in the World Cup Irina Starykh (€ 15.3 thousand) for 14 races of the World Cup, where she is 13th overall, according to the portal

Parallels can be continued. Anastasia Morozova in the seven IBU Cup races earned € 11,500, while the only Russian woman who took the podium in the World Cup this season, Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht spent 15 races to get € 12,3 thousand. prize money

Svetlana Mironova, sometimes shooting at targets, like sparrows,

conducted seven races in both tournaments. At the IBU Cup for its success biathlon rely € 6.3 thousand in prize money, and in the elite division only € 5.3 thousand.

A similar situation in men. So, Anton Babikov for 12 races in the IBU Cup, where mainly young people and “disabled people” compete, earned € 15 thousand. This is almost as much as the second number of the Russian national team Yevgeny Garanichev (€ 16 thousand) for 15 races of the World Cup , in one of which he even climbed the pedestal.

Earlier reported that Loginov’s “uniqueness” was found to be explained. Thus, the coach of the Russian men’s national biathlon team Artyom Istomin explained the strength of the biathlon, calling it “the only one”. According to the trainer, Loginov has a very strong cardiovascular system and it is better to work with him individually.


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