Tactics of treatment of patients with Noncommunicable diseases


Before the practical doctor, a number of questions necessarily arise, on the correct solution of which the greater or lesser success of treating a patient with NDCs depends.

How to start treatment? It is often difficult to choose a remedy from a large arsenal of drug and physical effects. Should one adhere to the principle of monotherapy, or should a wide range of therapeutic effects be applied, during which periods of the disease, which one should I prefer? It is well known that NDC often flows in waves, periods of exacerbations go into periods of different duration of well-being. Finally, should the treatment be carried out continuously or limited to the activation of therapy during periods of acute illness?

Below is the general scheme of treatment of patients with NDC.

The general scheme of treatment of patients with NDC

From the presented scheme it follows that the treatment of NDC should not be treated as a certain episode from the life of the patient. Treatment of NDC is a whole system of effects on the body, the meaning of which is to eliminate or minimize the manifestations of the disease. The first steps should be the formation of healthy lifestyles, observance of occupational health, organization of proper rest. Be sure to start a balanced diet, get enough sleep, completely eliminate alcohol and smoking (about tobacco treatment, read the website), adjust the rational exercise therapy exercises.

It is probably not an exaggeration that currently β-adrenoblockers are the most effective way to treat NDC. It is necessary to remember not only about clinical indications (complaints, physical examination data), but also about the results of instrumental and laboratory tests (positive ECG test with β-adrenergic blockers, detection of hyperkinetic circulation, increased activity of the sympathetic-adrenal system, inadequate increase in lactate level during VEM-sample).

VEM-test at NDC

During periods of remission, a reduction in the dose of β-blockers and psychotropic drugs, and in some cases a complete rejection of them, is possible.

Various physical factors (exercise therapy, physical training, physiotherapy methods) can be attributed to pathogenetic therapy. The first two types of effects are mentioned by us when discussing measures of a general order and form part of the correct lifestyle, which is so necessary for a patient with NDC. Physiotherapy treatment is advisable to conduct courses during periods of exacerbation of the disease and with the hospitalization of the patient.


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