The USA is on the verge of the biggest catastrophe


Perhaps you don’t even realize that right now the United States is balancing on a fine edge like the edge of a razor since the time of its formation. But specially trained professionals understand this very clearly and clearly. And even warn …

No, this is not about the longest suspension of budget financing of the federal government due to the insurmountable disagreements between Republicans and Democrats in the US parliament. Although, perhaps, this shutdown to some extent contributed to the formation of such an explosive situation, which was discussed in the first paragraph. But only indirectly.

And the thing is that … the current Washington administration too quickly and too firmly recognized Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as deposed, and his opponent, the speaker of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, the only legitimate leader of the country. At the same time, the head of the White House, Donald # Trump, did not rule out military intervention in the internal affairs of his Latin American neighbor, if bloodshed begins there.

For Moscow, which has recklessly invested approximately $ 17 billion in the languishing economy of Venezuela, this vague statement by the current owner of the Oval Office was the last straw. The Russian Foreign Ministry could not stand it …

And issued …

America is waiting for “catastrophic consequences” if Washington decides on military intervention in the political crisis in Venezuela, the Russian Foreign Ministry threatened on Thursday. According to his statement, the swearing-in of the opposition “interim president of Venezuela” and the immediate recognition of him in this capacity by the United States indicate a desire to turn tested scenarios of changing unwanted governments in Venezuela. At the same time, “incoming signals from a number of capitals seem to be particularly disturbing, which cannot be ruled out of armed intervention from outside,” the Foreign Ministry emphasizes, unequivocally hinting at the statement made by Donald Trump the day before. And he adds menacingly: if such a decision is made, it will become “an adventure, which is fraught with disastrous consequences.”

Of course, these are just words, for which there is no real power, neither military nor economic. For Russia, it would be extremely ruinous to get involved in another military campaign to save the next friendly regime. Especially in the other hemisphere. So, such rhetoric is more like a desperate attempt to scare the thorny mammal with a naked butt.

However, our Foreign Ministry could not keep silent, although it might be worth it.

Are those who say that the Kremlin has hysteria and panic because of the recent events in Caracas are right?


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