What is the composition of lipstick, does it affect the body?


Concerned about problems

Speaking of the ingredients of lipstick, it is necessary to clarify the fact that the lipstick contains heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which cannot be overused .

It is extremely irresponsible to talk about toxicity from the dose.If you understand the approval process for lipstick production, you will understand that all regular products

(except for counterfeit and shoddy) that are sold in large shopping malls are subject to national quality inspection and sanitation inspection. Heavy metals are completely below the standards set by the state.

Pigments are also safe pigments allowed in national regulations, so you can use them with confidence.The main components of lipstick are: a wax that maintains a lipstick shape, a grease that lubricates, a colorant that gives lipsticks a different color, and a fragrance that enhances the sense of use.

In addition, lipsticks may also contain heavy metals such as lead, antioxidant butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA), and butyl benzyl phthalate (increasing the gloss of lipstick).

However, the cosmetics sold in mainland China, the colorants and other raw materials used must comply with the corresponding raw material requirements in the “Safety Technical Specifications for Cosmetics” (2015 edition) (hereinafter referred to as the “Specifications”), and the limited amount of additives and the scope of use. There is no security issue with internal use.

According to the “Specifications”, the upper limit of lead content of lipstick products is 10 mg / kg; and a raw material is allowed to be used as a raw material for cosmetics, and it is also subject to risk assessment or strict toxicological test to check its safety.

People generally take more than 2 grams of poisoning in a single dose, which is equivalent to eating 75 kilograms of lipstick at a time, which is obviously unrealistic

“Silly and unclear~Principle and main components1.

The reason why lipstick has shapeBecause its main component is wax , a variety of waxes: wood wax, deodorized beeswax, ground wax, microcrystalline wax, candelilla wax, Brazilian brown phase wax. Of course, if it is completely wax, the touch of the lips is very bad.
So people add a lot of liquid oil to it, including natural oils – botanical such as jojoba oil, palm oil, soybean oil; animal like deep sea bream Cod liver oil, lanolin, etc.

Natural oils are of course very comfortable to use, but they are very unstable and should be used in combination with mineral oils, such as petrolatum and liquid paraffin extracted from petroleum.
Compared with ordinary lipstick, non-stick cup lipstick contains more wax, as well as high molecular weight polymer such as seaweed. Non-stick cup lipstick was introduced by the Japanese Bell Textile Company in 1996.

It is characterized by the fact that after it is applied to the lips, its surface is dry and non-sticky. Maybe you have already experienced it when you use it.

First, it is not easy to apply it. It is not easy to stick to the lips just as it is not easy to stick to the cup. The second is that it is not very comfortable after being painted, like a layer of shell, hard and dry, and very dry.

It saves the trouble of makeup after meals, avoids the embarrassment after the collision with lovers, but sacrifices the comfort of lipstick, and how much deviates from the principle of “people-oriented”.

If you are careful, look at the cosmetics counter to find out: in the world famous brand of lipstick family generally have non-stick cup lipstick, but there are not many types, only a few, only the beginning of the role.

It seems that “the beautiful touch of sacrificial lipstick can not be used as the direction of lipstick development” has become the consensus of major cosmetics companies.Because lipstick is mainly a mixture of wax and oil, it is particularly easy to melt.

It will become softer above 60 °C, and will become a flowable liquid above 70 °C. Some girls put the lipstick under the lamp for a long time or put it in the front seat of the car in the summer. As a result, the lipstick melted and went to the factory to complain.

In fact, this is totally blaming yourself, brand-name products in order to pursue smooth and moist, the design itself is very soft and more prone to such problems, so if you buy a expensive brand-name lipstick must be carefully kept.

Compared with lipsticks in Europe and Japan, lipsticks in the United States are generally not easy to melt.2, the reason why lipstick has colorIt is because it contains a variety of pigments .

It is the pigment that determines the color of the lipstick. When the round lipstick was just released. Mainly using carmine and natural red extracted from safflower, the color of lipstick is very monotonous. Later, organic chemistry achieved rapid development.

People began to produce colorful lipsticks such as yellow, brown, orange, and even cyan, gray, and green.Only the pigment is not enough, because the lipstick will be eaten into the stomach, stuck to the cup.

In order to ensure that the color of the lipstick can stay on the lips for a long time, it also needs the help of dyes to dye your lips directly.
There are a lot of lipsticks that emphasize non-fading and don’t fade and not sticky. The non-stick cup emphasizes that the lipstick should not stick to the surface of the contacted object, and the non-fading emphasizes that the time remaining on the lip is long enough.

The non-fading lipstick is probably a sticky cup. From the dye point of view, it is technically simple to produce a non-fading lipstick. Some dyes are so strong that they are washed away and become a problem.
The pigment and dye together are called masterbatch, and the manufacturing process of the masterbatch is complicated to ensure the color consistency between batches.

It is necessary to repeat the coloring, and the pollution in the production process is also very serious. In Japan, the United States, France and other countries where the cosmetics industry is developed, the color masterbatch is produced by a specialized factory, or it may be a small street factory with a small scale.

At the time of product development, the sales and development staff of the cosmetics manufacturer will go to the masterbatch factory and color it there. Until the satisfaction, make a color sample, after the color master factory will provide color cosmetics to the cosmetics manufacturer according to this sample.

Cosmetics manufacturers melt raw materials such as wax and oil, add color masterbatch, and simply handle it. It is factory-made. If you have 2 different brands of French lipsticks, their color masterbatch may come from the same factory.

3, the lipstick also contains a certain UV absorberAs the advertisement says, you will keep your lips under the scorching sun. But don’t have too much illusion about the ability of lipstick to protect against UV rays, because more UV absorbers will make more people allergic to the brand image.

The purpose of the UV absorber is to protect the lipstick from discoloration under illumination. The pigments of lipsticks are mostly complex compounds, and their molecular structure changes greatly under the illumination of light.

The lipstick displayed under the spotlights of cosmetics rejection is often inconsistent with the color you finally buy.4, lipstick also contains vitamin EThe role of vitamin E is also twofold.

It protects your skin from oxidation and protects the lipstick itself. Lipsticks contain a lot of oils, especially those that are expensive, contain more and more unstable natural oils of animals and plants, and are easily oxidized to give a “hala” taste.

  1. Some pearlescent lipsticks also contain pearlescent agents.The pearlescent agent is generally mica, and the fine mica particles are actually extremely thin flakes, and people are plated with different thicknesses of iron oxide and zinc oxide on the surface. Make them refract light of different colors, and the piece of mica is a small mirror on one side, which makes your lips shine.

  2. 6 , moisturizing lipstick is the current trend of lipstick popularIt broke the restricted area of ​​the lipstick component consisting mainly of wax and oil. Using a well-developed emulsification technology, water-soluble moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin are added to make the lipstick more smooth and moisturized. Let the feeling of being oily and dry become memories.

  3. Pay attention to the following three points when choosing lipstick:1, do not buy inferior lipstickIt is necessary to purchase lipsticks produced by regular manufacturers through regular channels, “three no brands” and lipsticks from online red stores.

  4. The amount of various substances added is difficult to control, and safety is difficult to guarantee.2, avoid using lipstick that aggravates UV damageSuch as those sparkling, greasy, lip oil and lip gloss with high concentration of oil.

  5. They are similar in type to baby oil and can attract more UV light. Although no direct connection between lip oil, lip gloss and skin cancer has been found so far, some dermatologists have warned that try not to brighten the oil for a long time when exposed to direct sunlight.

  6. Oil and lip gloss are applied to the skin that is weak on the lips.3, teenagers, children, pregnant women should be used as little as possibleAlthough long-term application of lipstick is almost impossible to lead to lead poisoning, in the case of uncertainty about whether or not lead is contained, in order to reduce the accumulation of lead in the body, try not to eat the applied lipstick, especially for teenagers and children.

  7. Try to apply lipstick as little as possible, and pregnant women should use it with caution


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