What scientific diets can effectively lose weight?


The important reason is the enforceability of the method . It’s no exaggeration to introduce you to a simple and effective diet today.

I believe that I can understand it after listening, it is very simple.What was the first thing we did when we were eating?chew!This is a small method that is introduced to you today.

Let you eat healthier, more full, more happy, very simple, but not necessarily easy!The practice is to try to chew 30 times per meal every time you eat !You can pay attention to how many times you usually chew.

I saw from the book that each meal was chewed 30 times.I also did small experiments in person, and I chewed about 5-10 times each time.

I tried chewing 30 times and found it really hard to do. When I was almost 15-20 times, I swallowed naturally.

At this time, you may wish to stop. Chew 10-15 times, reach 30 times and swallow again.

There are three main benefits to doing thisSignificantly increase satiety and happinessMany people want to lose weight, they just want to eat less, and at the same time have a feeling of fullness.Although I know what food to choose, how much to eat.

But in the end, I still ate it unconsciously.Because I feel that I have not eaten enough!It is a painful thing to lose weight to be healthy and not to eat.

How do people eat enough?The food enters the mouth and enters the esophagus to the stomach and then to the small intestine.But from eating to the brain feels full, there is a delay, about 10-20 minutes.
So I will eat more unconsciously Every time you chew 30 times, what happens? The nerves in the mouth and the secretion of saliva will give feedback to the brain: the food is very fragrant and has started to eat!As the number of chews increases, so does the swallowing speed, which gives the brain plenty of time to receive feedback from the fullness.

I used to eat a bowl of rice, and it took about three minutes to go down, but the brain didn’t feel full.Now a bowl of rice is chewed 30 times, it may take ten minutes.

When you eat most of the bowl, the brain has already received a full signal, and naturally it will eat less.And it also enhances happiness, and many times we gorge on eating,Think of it as a task to be completed.
But did not really enjoy the taste of food.Many people think that coarse grains are not good. In fact, it is plain, that is, coarse grains are not as sweet as white rice.

But the oatmeal coarse grains are carefully chewed in the mouth and will feel very tastyHelp digestionWe often eat a lot of food and still feel inadequate or malnourished.why?Because the food you eat is not absorbed.

(The following text, it is recommended not to read during the meal)….If you pay attention to your own stool, you will find that there are residual leaves.The food you eat is often seen through the stool.
I briefly explain the process of digestion, food enters the mouth, teeth chew and swallow,Secreted amylase and other digestive enzymes, mixed with food, enter the stomach.

In the stomach, gastric juice, stomach acid, and digestive juice begin to digest and enter the intestines. The 12 fingers of the intestine, pancreas, and bile re-digest fat.

Go to the large intestine and do other treatments, and finally excreted, the real mechanical grinding effect of human beings is initially in the mouth!Our teeth are mainly divided into three categories.

The front incisors, the sharp teeth that tear the meat, and the molars that grind the food.If you swallow after only two or three chews, many foods are not completely crushed and digested.

If you chew 30 times, vegetables, cereals, and meat are more fully cut and ground into the digestive tract.The digestive enzymes in the digestive tract are slowly digested and absorbed.

Nutritional elements are also better absorbed, and the feeling of fullness is stronger.As another example, people who often listen to my program may know that broccoli has anti-cancer effects.However, its anti-cancer effect is due to the presence of anti-cancer substances.

The chemical reaction occurs when the substance must be chewed.The product of this chemical reaction has anticancer effects.The nutrient value of many vegetables needs to be carefully chewed and digested before it can functionGood for oral healthThe mouth contains a lot of anaerobic bacteria.

For example, after getting up in the morning, some people have the feeling of bad breath, which is the result of anaerobic bacteria reproduction.We usually brush our teeth in order to brush off the plaque on the teeth, so that it is not easy to cause tooth decay.

In fact, people have a natural mechanism of resistance to tooth decay bacteria, that is, the digestive juice in the saliva.It can wash the teeth of the gums and keep the teeth clean.More chewing can stimulate the secretion of salivary glands.

In fact, it is also good for the health of teethcomMaybe not able to practice the Mediterranean diet because there is no real olive oil, good quality fish and nuts.Maybe you can’t stand a low-carb diet because you can’t afford a high-fat diet.But no matter what kind of diet, chewing 30 times is done every day and every meal.


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