When will people not feel lonely


One’s own self is the most authentic state.When I was in junior high school, every physical education class was free to move, but I often walked alone. Everyone else was in groups. I was very depressed at the time.

 I was so unsociable, but I didn’t want to be in the group. But I can’t find a reasonable way to convince myself that I feel weird.Then I went to a key high school, and the days passed like a junior high school.One day, I suddenly found that I was not alone.

 Even if I had been acting alone, I had breakfast, walked to the classroom, and went back to the classroom after class.

I was walking alone in the physical education class…A person’s solitude has a lot of thinking time, as if he has a self-soul.I have also found some souls that are similar and kind to me: I often go out alone and do some little hobbies I like, even if they are very inconspicuous.Life in high school made me deeply interpret the word loneliness.

 Until now, it is still a “lonely state”: in addition to purposeful work, life has been lonely, never stopped…

I feel that people are lonely before they find something they love all their lives.I have brought a lot of interns, they are young, energetic, energetic and active.I asked all of themDo you have any hobbies? Music, reading, online games, writing novels, basketball, movies, all can do, even if it is a good female color.

Then they always looked at me with a sullen look and looked blank.Many people have lost their materialistic desires today, so that they have completed the task of leadership assignment.

 There is no other hobby in the work of going home from work, and they are at a loss.In fact, I feel that life is lonely, no matter who it is.When I used to be a crew member, it was more than 8 months for each time to sail.

 It is not uncommon for one month or two to land on land.The huge iron ship is like a sea drifting prison. Every day, the deck, the engine room, the living area, and the driver’s seat are three acres.

There is no network, no TV, no one other than the crew talking to you, the mobile phone is used as an alarm clock, it is a piece of scrap iron.The most frequent move between crew members is to copy movies and various small movies to each other, so that computer viruses spread especially fast!There are about 20 people in the whole ship.

The crew members come from all corners of the country. It is possible that after you have been working for 8 months, you will not see it again in this life.Repeated work, repeated sea, every day is the room-restaurant-driver.

 At 8 o’clock in the morning, I got off work at 12 o’clock, and at 8 o’clock in the evening, I got off work at 12 o’clock and went back to work.Every night, everyone locks the door and communicates very little.

This is the loneliness of the whole, the loneliness of the whole.Many people have been on the boat for many years, and many people are perverted, don’t laugh! This is all true.Every night in the middle of the night, I am always thinking about life.

If you are like me, being locked up in a cage that you can’t escape, as long as you have enough time, you will also look back on your first half of your life.

Later, I tried to think back to the past things that made me happy in life, what skills I liked, what things make me happy, but I have never done anything.

So I started recordingStart recording the scenery of the sea every day.Some early photography            Later, I fell in love with the video.Even set the alarm clock at 5 o’clock every morning, and wait for the sky to light up and ran out to shoot.

 When the sunset falls, I will throw the tableware and stand at the highest point of the ship.

The captain said that I was crazy. My colleague said that I was sick. I didn’t care. I know this is my hobby. What I want to do, my time is more valuable than them.

Recording a beautiful view, editing the video until late every night (the level is too low, inefficient, completely groping). But I am very happy. Every time I finish editing, I will look back ten times and twenty times, then find out the shortcomings and re-edit.This kind of life makes time suddenly meaningful, life suddenly appears to be a fire, the whole person’s spirit is different.


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