Which mobile phone brand is better [Oppo] or [Vivo]

oppo mobile

vivo mobile

[Oppo] or [Vivo] which one is better

Each mobile phone has its own unique characteristics, which embodies the creative wisdom and hard work of many designers and producers.

 Different users have different requirements for using the mobile phone. It is recommended that you personally experience the comparison and then choose.

Oppo and vivo are two different brands and production concepts of mobile phones, can not compare better, the key lies in the user’s preferences.
However, each of the two brands still has certain advantages:

  1. OPPO mobile phone photo, good music effect, better optimization, and beautiful appearance.

  2. 2, vivo phone overall looks textured, the body is very thin, the weight is relatively small, feel very good.

ViVO, this is the X9 now, the front dual camera looks high-end atmosphere, C-type micro-slit antenna, this X9 is suitable for people who like to force,

the mobile phone will look at the sisters, you can see the soft Light double shot.

Shape configuration and many other functions are good, although oppo charging for five minutes can call two hours to call the original use less electricity,

a mobile phone can be charged for five minutes without exaggerating the call for two hours.

Besides, charging for five minutes can go to someone who talks with you for two hours.

It is also very fast to charge, I am also using vivo, it is very durable, people with vivo phones know that the general vivo is thinner than other mobile phones

, so it will not be used when it is used, and some vivos on the market usually compare Oppo is a bit more expensive.

If it is cheap, it is low configuration, and it will inevitably be a little bit stuck.


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