Why should a Xiaomi mobile phone be cheaper?


So, in the past, if Xiaomi was not priced at 1999, but like other mobile phones, the price was 2999 or even higher.

Do you think there will be several people who choose Xiaomi?Of course, only the low price and high allocation, Xiaomi may not be successful.

The reason why Xiaomi was widely known in the past was that in addition to low price and high price, there was MIUI and the emerging online market.

Low price and high performance have made today’s millet, but it is also a label that Xiaomi is difficult to tear off.

This label also limits the development of Xiaomi to a certain extent.For the vast majority of target users of Xiaomi, Xiaomi is synonymous with low price and high allocation.

Therefore, if Xiaomi does not take the low price and match this road, how many people will choose Xiaomi?Many people often compare OPPO, vivo, glory, Huawei and Xiaomi.

What I want to say is that if a certain product of Xiaomi is the same as the configuration of these brands, the price is the same. Who do you think will sell better?Xiaomi has developed to this day, although Xiaomi’s slogan has been changing, but all the slogans are almost all around the “low price and high allocation”.

In other words, after so many years, Xiaomi still can’t or dare not make up his mind to tear off the label of “low price and high allocation”.This truth, I know all the outsiders, Xiaomi’s seniors must understand. However, everyone understands what it means to Xiaomi after tearing off the label “low price and high allocation”.

Therefore, after eight years have passed, Xiaomi is still insisting on “low price and high allocation“.Some people may say that low prices and high allocations are not very good? For users, you can buy a higher-profile phone with less money.

This is true.However, if the enterprise is a cow, you can’t let the cows eat less grass and produce more milk.Mobile phones are not just heap configurations.

If you only look at the heap configuration, why don’t you buy a more cost-effective 360 ​​phone? Still not because you have to look at the configuration, but also the comprehensive experience.

The comprehensive experience, in many cases, reflects the manufacturer’s ability to tune the various components and systems. Better manpower requires more manpower and money.


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